What is sBalance?

sBalance is Segway type of vehicle that works with help of electric motor. Driving is based on the weight of your body. If you want to move forward than move the weight center of your body forward. Same maneuvers happens moving to left, right and backwards. Everything is really simple.

Is there a age restriction?

Yes. Persons younger than 14 are allowed to participate in rides only together with parents. Important , that the person is responsible and has understanding about traffic regulations and does not try to set new Guinness records.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, MIN 40 kg – MAX 110kg.

How many persons can participate in rides?

MAX 6 persons  

How fast does sBalance go?

MAX speed that can be reached is 18km/h.

Do I need drivers license to drive with sBalance?

No. Before setting off, the instructor will provide safe driving training.

I won't fall?

Everything is possible...

Can I ride sBalance if I don't know how to ride a bike?

Yes. Most people who tour with us have never ridden a Segway, and we train each group in about 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the tour. In fact, learning to ride an sBalance is easier than learning to ride a bike.

I want to relax! How to book a ride?

Sazinies ar mums zvanot, rakstot vai spied pogu “REZERVĒT“. Pēc veiksmīgas rezervācijas saņemsi apstiprinājuma sms un e-pastu. Communication with the power of thoughts will not work .

What to wear?

Although the only thing needed to enjoy the ride with sBalance is flat athletic style shoes with closed toe/back (we do not recommend slip-ons at all), we recommend choosing comfortable leisure clothing, with the main emphasis on soft, shock-absorbing shoes, because during driving, all body weight is concentrated directly on the feet.

Can I wear a dress?

Yes! Preferably short. Try to avoid loosely hanging items of clothing such as scarves, long skirts, dresses and necklaces. 

Do I have to wear helmet?


Can I have a backpack?

No. Each sBalance board is equipped with a travel bag for transporting small items (phone, wallet, keys, card, etc.). Any larger accessory may interfere with your balancing of sBalance.

What distance can be done with one battery charge?

Everything depends on the body weight, the type of road surface, the speed, or in one word, the "load" that the sBalance has to withstand. Average 15-20km with body weight >100kg, MAX 30km.

Do you go on field trips?

Yes, by prior agreement, we can arrange a date at a place and time of your choice.  

Is there a tour in case of bad weather?

If the wind blows, heavy rain, snowfall, or other force majeure conditions - by mutual agreement, we will move the trip to a more favorable and enjoyable time.

Is there a gift card?

Yes! Look for our gift cards at our cooperation partners @DāvanuSala, @GribuAtpūsties, @LieliskaDāvana. @Fromme, @DavanuServiss, or from us - "directly". 


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